Research topics

Research Topics

Our research group works mainly in Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity and is aimed to study the functioning of populations and communities in Mediterranean ecosystems, analyze the patterns of distribution, strategies and vital population dynamics of vertebrates and to assess the effect of human activity and the instruments for biodiversity protection

Research Projects

  • Population dynamics, dispersal and genetic structure in fragmented landscapes. The individual-based models applied to the study of population viability analysis in the Testudo graeca
  • Use of wild herbivore carrions for vertebrates: numerical response, population dynamics, community structure and ecosystem functioning
  • Trophic resources, intraspecific competition and density-dependence: effects on the availability of carrion in the regulation of populations of Golden Eagle
  • Mobility patterns and their environmental footprint at the University Miguel Hernández
  • Perception and social practices of new residents from rural tourism in the province of Almería in relation to the problems of collection and captive of Testudo graeca
  • Species habitat relationships and effects of changes of use in semiarid environments: Mediterranean, Sahel, Central Asia and Patagonia
  • Waterbird communities in wetlands: metapoblacional dynamics, community structure and connectivity
  • Effects of subsidies on marine food webs in semi-arid terrestrial ecosystems
  • Application of landscape ecology in the conservation of endangered species and the design of protected natural areas in the southeastern Iberian Peninsule


SCI Publications



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